Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wrapping up the week

After a drastic change in barometric pressure yesterday, I was sidelined all night with a raging migraine.  But I woke up feeling much better and ready for the weekend.  Tomorrow I'm only working a half day and then it's off to Disney!!!  So with that being said, I'm catching up on yesterday's blog challenge and today's!

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Yesterday was about Christmas Wish Lists
I'm pretty easy this year.  I don't really want too much.  I'm asking Santa for:
An Elliptical: This way I can get some training in while the kids are sleeping (I'm not all about going out for a run while the kiddos are in the house napping)
New running shoes: I haven't decided what kind I want.  All I know is I need new ones and I should probably get my feet professionally assessed since I have flat feet and over-pronate.
New scrubs:  I think I've finally realized that I spend most of my days wearing scrubs at work and that I should probably spend more money on my work wardrobe than my weekend wardrobe.  I just hate how expensive they are.
Tory Burch flats: I have been dreaming of...ok drooling over the Tory Burch riding boots (which I'll never own) so I'm hoping that maybe I'll have a pair of flats under the tree this year.  I promise I've been good!!!

Today's topic is 2012 Goals/Resolutions
Obviously losing weight is number 1.  I had done so well this time last year.  I had lost over 20lbs and thought I could keep it off without being on program (oh I do Weight Watchers...a lot)  Not only did I gain back the 20lbs, I think I gained a little (a lot) more.  I am more motivated than ever to get back on task and back in the saddle.
Improve my marriage.  I've written on here before how hard marriage is and how the Hubs and I have had some major ups and downs.  It's definitely a priority for me to make this a better year for us.
Be a better Mommy.  My kids are growing up right before my eyes and I feel like I haven't been the Mommy they deserve.  I'm sure all moms feel that every once and a while but I have a hard time with that.  Am I spending enough time with them.  Are they watching too much TV.  Should I be doing everything differently.  All my insecurities lie with my parenting skills.
Baptize Emmy.  OMG this is a biggie.  She's over 2 and still hasn't been baptized.  My goal is to baptize her before Easter.  I'm a horrible slacker and I'm sure this makes me the worst Catholic on the planet.
Save. Save. Save.  Enough said.
Take my CPHON exam.  That way I can become a Certified Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurse.
Become a better blogger.  I'm loving what blogging has brought to my life.  I've met amazing people.  I've learned so much. And I've found a great avenue to get things off my chest.  I can't wait to see where this takes me.
Appreciate the person that I am.  I need to figure out how to be happy in my skin because I've never really been happy with who I am right now.


  1. Love your list! It's so important to make marriage a priority with all that goes on in life!!!

  2. These are great goals! The awesome thing about blogging is that you have tons of total strangers who are here to support you!