Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The one about the Hubs

Let me just start by saying my Hubs is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
He truly outdid himself this year when it came to Christmas.  Let's be honest why don't we.  He's not very good when it comes to romantic stuff.  As in, he's anti-romantic.  He's not one to buy me flowers or leave me notes or anything.  His proposal might be the worst proposal on the face of the planet (it says a lot that I even said yes to it).  That's why this is HUGE!!
As you may have read before, I was seriously wanting some Tory Burch under the tree this year.  I love the Reva ballet flats.  I imagined my feet in them this year for Christmas although I knew that image would never happen in real life.  They're a little more of a splurge than I'm willing to handle.  So I loved them from afar.
So Friday night, the Hubs said to me "Do me a favor and don't check the account until after Christmas.  I bought your present and if you look, it will ruin it."  I assumed that he bought me a Vera bag like usual.  I even said to him "Oh I guess you went to Marions."  So it took an act of God, but I didn't look (I'm bad with surprises)
Saturday afternoon, before our Christmas festivities began, he let Noah give me his present.  He had me stumped by the size of the box and the fact that he wrapped it himself.  He usually lets Marions wrap it. So I really didn't know what I was opening.  Noah was helping me unwrap it and I opened the box to find a new Vera Bradley Hipster in one of the new patterns.  I really love the bag.  But it felt rather heavy so I looked inside and what did I find staring back at me???  The ballet flats I've been wanting!!!!
Never in a million years did I expect that the Hubs would actually get them for me!  He religiously reads this little ol' blog and noticed that I mentioned wanting them, oh like a million times.  And, according to him, I don't ask for things that often (which is totally true) so he wanted me to have something I truly wanted.  How amazing?!?!?  I can't begin to describe how ecstatic I am.  It truly was one of the best surprises he's ever given me and it's a gift that I really love!
Thank you Hubs for such a wonderful gift!  You really are something else!!!


  1. What a sweet hubby!! So happy for you! That is awesome!!

  2. How sweet! I think it's awesome that he reads your blog, too :)

  3. I love love love those shoes! My hubby is romantic and generally buys me great gifts, but I think asking him to buy me shoes is something he'd scoff at. I'm glad you got something so amazing for Christmas!

  4. awesome! i am jealous of your gift!

  5. That's so sweet! What a thoughtful gift!