Sunday, November 13, 2011

What my day was made of

I got so much accomplished today!!!  The Hubs might disagree but we all know that the Hubs and I have different priorities ;)  I am so excited about all the fun stuff I did!

Today I....
~ordered our Christmas cards!!!  I am so excited about them.  Usually we go to the photo studio and get family holiday pictures done but I am so in love with the pictures that we had done of the kids that I decided to use those for our cards.  The cards turned out amazing!  Shutterfly has the best cards and is so easy to use! It also helped that they're offering free shipping on orders $30+ and 40% off cards right now.  I had received a few codes for 5 free cards so I cashed in 2 of those plus used the code on their site for 1 free card.  Not too shabby!

~ordered 200 photo prints...for free.  I think I'm the queen of free products, although I can't take credit for knowing about the offers.  I have to thank my friend at Saving Said Simply for the tip.  Check out her blog and her Facebook page.  She shares amazing deals every day!  Plus I know her.  She's amazing.  You really should check her out.

~ordered New Years Cards.  Yes I received another code for 10 free cards (I had 2 of them).  Thanks SSS!!!

~did all my Santa shopping!!!  This is a HUGE deal.  Every year the Hubs and I brave Toys R Us to do Santa shopping for the kiddos.  This year, the Hubs has been doing a bit of online shopping and found an amazing deal on the My First Disney Princess Carriage Playcenter that we had planned on getting Emmy.  This sparked us to just shop on Toys R Us's website for almost all of our gifts.  They're offering free shipping (up to $20) but also offer in-store pick up. So anything we could pick up at our local store is being sent there and the 3 things that had to be shipped fell well below the $20 limit so shipping was free! As much as I secretly love the thrill and commotion of braving TRU during the holiday season, there's something calming about knowing that's not in our future (until I realize we need to buy more things).  It's also a great feeling to be done with shopping and only have to get gifts for a few more people.
~got some of my housework done.  The laundry finally got folded (I'm really bad at folding it...remember this post???) and it will get put away tomorrow.  We also got our grocery shopping done for the week.

Now I guess I'll have to go to bed since I stayed up WAY too late playing on Shutterfly.  But because I don't like leaving a post picture-less (if I can help it), here's a few more pictures from our amazing photo session with Jamie Lewis Photography!
Love this one (even if I think Em's face looks fat!)
Again, this picture was not staged.  Noah was very loving to his sister that day 
Melt my heart right now!  Adore this picture (and his hair isn't red....i just looks like it  in this pic)
I love that the orange/grapefruit trees are in the pictures...very appropriate for my family
 Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!
****I 100% love Shutterly and it's products.  I was not compensated at all for this post.  I just received some amazing deals today that I wanted to share with you.  I would, however, love to be a Shutterfly spokesperson because I do love them so much!!!****


  1. Those pictures are seriously adorable!! I don't think her face looks fat...she just looks precious!!!!!

  2. Love the pictures! Wow free is always good:) I have started buying gifts but still have a ways to go! Really want to be done with all of it minus hubbys by Dec 1st (that is the goal anyway)