Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And the results are.....

Yes you read that right.  I lost 5.2lbs this week!  I have never been so excited to hop on a scale before.  I even got a great response from the leader who checked me in. I am really proud of myself.  And the best part....I haven't even felt like I've been "dieting" once this week!  Every night I've enjoyed frozen yogurt.  I've eaten out at least twice this week too (and have had a drink or 2)!  Goes to show you that on WW you can eat anything!!!
And in case you were wondering, I have really exercised (at all) this week.  I had such amazing results just by changing up my eating habits.  With the new program, all fresh fruits are free....zero points.  You can eat as much as you want!  I've stocked up on berries, pears, bananas, etc and when I'm hungry, I'm not turning towards chips or cookies.  I'm grabbing a handful of berries instead.  And I don't miss all the other junk.  I've also increased my water consumption three-fold.  I have my cup everywhere I go (its a cute Tervis tumbler courtesy of my lil bro/gf this Christmas) and I refill it the minute it gets halfway empty.  I haven't had a soda since January 15th, even when I can drink all the diet soda I want.  I thought this was going to be a HORRIBLE thing to do but to be honest with you, I didn't even plan to cut out soda.  It just happened.  I'm sure that's where a lot of my success came from.  I was drinking WAY too much soda over the past few months.  I'm very excited to say that I've cut it out.
I'm also feeling so much better.  I have more energy.  I'm sleeping better. My stomach issues have pretty much settled this week.  All in all, I'm amazing!!!  I knew that I must have had a great week because a shirt I just bought is a little loose now.  It's those little things that make each pound lost that much better.
So here's to another week of healthy habits.  And another week after that.  And another.  And another.......


  1. Congrats - that's amazing! : ] So excited for you!

  2. That is sooo awesome girl,keep it up! I also have been eating a TON of fruit lately I'm def getting used to it :-)

  3. That's awesome! 5.2 is just the start! Many more will fall off soon!