Monday, January 9, 2012

A quick trip to Italy

Before I go into our amazing weekend, I wanted to say Go Bama!
I don't like LSU or Alabama at all.  They're rival SEC schools to the Hubs's Gators {which I could care less about too (Gator Hater, right here!!!) but it makes my marriage easier when the Gators win} but since they're playing in the big BCS game, I figure I have to cheer for one of them.
Why did I choose Bama?
Purple and Yellow don't match.
Yep, that's right folks.  I choose teams based on their uniforms.  I also choose based on mascots.
LSU almost had an edge because they have a really cool tiger eye painted on the center of their field but that doesn't pull them in front of Bama.
I also like houndstooth (but not as much as this girl)....just another reason to like Bama!

Anywho...back to my weekend
We headed up to Orlando Friday night, checked into the hotel, grabbed some dinner, hit up Target (I forgot my brush and the Christmas clearance section happened to be 90% off...had to buy something!!!), and headed to the outlets.  My running shoes, which I also wear to work, are sprouting holes all over the toes.  I'm pretty much one more toe hole away from looking like a bum.  So we hit up the New Balance outlet for some running/work shoes.  Then it was off to CityWalk for margaritas and live music at Margaritaville.  I can't remember the last time the Hubs and I actually sat at a bar and had drinks together.  It was fun and we actually stayed awake long enough to enjoy it!  Then it was back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.
Saturday was our anniversary.  We really didn't have much planned except dinner reservations.  We headed to Epcot since we don't get to explore it with the kids.  The Disney Half Marathon/Marathon was this weekend too so we got to cheer on the runners running that final mile of the Half through Epcot.  Watching them really made me upset I didn't sign up for the Princess Half again this year.  Oh well, I'm determined to do at least 1 runDisney event next year.  We rode some rides and headed off to the worlds.  We had an amazing lunch in Italy (how many people can say their Hubs have taken them to Italy for lunch???), wandered around some more and then headed home for a nap. We woke up, got dressed and headed out to Magic Kingdom for our amazing dinner.
Here's pics from Friday and Saturday
Starting off our Anniversary weekend the right way!!!

Lunch in Italy
Our restaurant in Italy
An anniversary ride on the carousel
Dinner was so amazing that it deserves it's own post but I'll give you a hint.  It involves this:

Stay tuned to see what a great job the Hubs did!  He's on a roll this year!!!


  1. Looks like a blast that margarita looks sooo good and can't wait to hear about your dinner :-)
    I agree about the Gators but hubs isa big fan so I cheer for them too when I have to ;-)

  2. I love this! Happy Anniversary, by the way! I'm like you on picking your teams. When I have no investments in teams that are playing in a big game, I choose my preferred team based on strength of their mascot (which mascot would win if both team's mascots duked it out) and style of their uniforms. It's the only logical way for me to pick, though my hubby thinks it's ridiculous.