Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's OK

Boy am I exhausted.  Em's been sick for 2 days now which means the Hubs and I have had a bed-mate the past 2 nights.  That equals a very tired Mommy since I have gotten little sleep.  So before I head to my cozy bed for a nap, I figured I'd link up with Amber and Neely!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....
~to not get anything accomplished today because I am so tired
~to be that crazy, overprotective mother who hates seeing her babies sick
~to not only be the crazy mom as defined above, but I'm also a neurotic nurse mom that knows too much medical information and creates tons of different health scenarios whenever a child is sick
~to still be wicked excited about my weigh in on Tuesday night
~to be so excited yet nervous about the big Blogger Meetup tomorrow night!

Happy Thursday everyone!  I'm off to bed.....


  1. Great list,I can't wait for tomorrow night!! :-) After a drink or two you won't be nervous anymore ;-)

  2. You should be excited about your weigh-in. I'm excited for you! I hope your little one feels better soon :)

  3. Love...especially the nurse mom! Ahhhh we drive ourselves crazy sometimes :)

  4. Don't be too nervous - I think it's going to be a pretty fabulous bunch of girls!! : ]

  5. Tomorrow is going to be awesome! I'm so excited to meet everyone! :)

  6. Blogger Meet-up! What!? That's so fun! I had to laugh on the neurotic mom who thinks of too many crazy scenarios. That will so be me one day!

  7. i am crazy about my son being sick and i am a totally hypochondriac (for me and my son)! we have been sick around here too! have fun tomorrow!