Monday, January 16, 2012

And so it starts.....

Yep.  I'm back on the wagon.
I figured it was time to get back on program.  With it being the new year, everyone's making resolutions.  Why shouldn't I, right?  I'm back at Weight Watchers and determined to lose the 25lbs I lost last year (that unfortunately found their way back to me) plus another 35lbs.  That's my ultimate goal.  So I'll be weighing in every Tuesday (starting next week) so I'm sure I'll be sharing my scale experience.  It might keep me accountable too.  So if you think I'm slacking....let me know ;)

I was not one of the fortunate people who had the luxury of staying home from work today.
Happy MLK Day, BTW
This weekend seemed like it flew by even if I didn't really do too much.  Saturday I did a little shopping (got a bunch of cute new items at great prices from the favs...NY&Co and Loft) and Sunday we had Noah's family birthday party.  I'm going to say this again....I really can't believe Noah's 5.  Where did my little boy go?  Now he calls me Mom and knows what stretch marks are.
{Side note....I just have to share this story, no matter how embarrassing it is for me but we're all friends here so why not.  So I was putting Em to bed and walked by the bathroom while itching my belly.  Noah was in his bathroom and yelled, "Mommy, come back here."  So I did and he instantly started inspecting my stomach.  He said, in the most serious tone of voice, "You have stretch marks."  I asked him how he knew what stretch marks are and he said (again in that serious tone) "I saw that commercial on TV about them.  There's a formula that you rub on and it makes them go away."  What do I say to that???  I make him retell the story to the Hubs who is trying his hardest not to bust out laughing.  He tells the story again, as seriously as a heart attack, but even says, and I quote, "I think it's called Palmer's formula.  Thats what Mommy needs."  Where did this boy come from????  Now I'm nervous for any trip to Target because I'm sure Palmer's cocoa butter lotion will be on the shopping list}
Anywho....I think my son's stretch mark discovery has really solidified my need to get back on program.  Pretty soon he'll be calling me a fat ass!!!
OMG I forgot to mention how excited I am for the Tampa Bloggers Meetup on the 27th!!!  I can't wait to meet everyone!!!!


  1. Yes! I can't wait for the meetup, either!

  2. That story is just too much. What a sweetheart he is!

  3. omg I WISH i could go to the blogger meet're going to HAVE to tell us how it is. I always love things like that...meeting new people and just having a great time!