Friday, April 20, 2012

Hip Hop and Pop

Oh you don't know what I'm talking about???  Well then you obviously don't know who The Fresh Beat Band is.
This is what my world has come to.  Emmy has been obsessed with these guys ever since she could focus on anything.  They are from a show on Nick Jr about a group of friends who are in a band, who love to sing and dance, and who work together to solve problems.  The show is so colorful and the music is quite catchy.  It's no wonder this show has been like crack for her.  It always holds her attention and as she's gotten older, she's grown to sing and dance with them.  {Just between you and cheesy as it is, it's a cute show and the music is pretty good.  I know every song they sing and kinda know all the dances}

This is Noah's favorite song that they sing.  He wanted to be the kid they brought on stage but unfortunately, it wasn't us this time. Check it's kinda catchy!!!  

I've said from the beginning that there was no way Nickelodeon wouldn't send them on tour and when that time came, we'd have to buy tix.  Much to the Hubs dismay, they went on sale and came to Clearwater last night.  We bought the kids tix for Christmas and have been counting down the days ever since.

We went with our friends and their son.  We met them for dinner beforehand and then went to Ruth Eckerd Hall to finally see them live in concert.  My kids were so antsy waiting for them to come out on stage.  And when they did, it was like nothing I've ever seen.  Noah and Emmy were so excited.  I don't know if Emmy could have waved any harder at Kiki (the pink wearing guitar player), who is her absolute favorite.  Em was dressed like Kiki (and I didn't get a pic of it).  Noah danced and sang at the top of his lungs {and when I say danced, I mean like crazy white boy danced.  It was unreal}  Emmy even cried when they left the stage for intermission.  Watching them sing and dance and just have an absolute great time made my entire night.  I couldn't help but tear up at how happy they were.  It was worth every penny we spent and then some. As for me, I'm just excited I survived my first preschool concert (while singing every song too!!!)

I didn't bring in my big camera (I didn't want to carry it and I wanted to be able to dance with the kids if they wanted me to) but I did grab a few pics of the night on my phone
Noah and Colin at dinner before the show
Best Buds in the making....I just love when little kids hold hands!  
Yes....they charged $25 for tshirts.....somehow we managed not to buy any!
A blurry family pic but look how excited they are...and how excited the Hubs is
It's the Fresh Beat Band!!!!!!!!!
I am so glad that we did this and even more excited we did this as a family.  I really hope the kids remember how much fun they had because I will never forget that.


  1. How fun, never heard of this show but looks cute for kids :-)

  2. Ok, that hand-holding pic is WAY too cute!

  3. Soooo I kept seeing you post this on fb and assumed it was a kids thing and didn't think anything of it. THEN, this past weekend we were babysitting and i came home to hubs and our niece and nephew singing along. I don't know how I missed it but it was soo funny! Sounds like the kids had a blast. You're a good momma :)

  4. That is so sweet! I'm glad they had such a great time! I guess I'm going to have to start getting up on all this kind of stuff, eh? :)