Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A week of fun with a touch of "kick you in the face"

Last week was an exhausting one.  We were pretty busy but busy in a good way.  So here's a quick recap before I go into the whole "kick you in the face" part.

Work was pretty busy all week.  We were running on 1 MD for all of BMT (inpatient and outpatient) and of course all of our best laid plans were blown out of the water.  The fact that I got out alive last week is a miracle.  This week should be better.  Plus I have a half day on Friday and I only work 2 days next week because it's Noah's spring break.  Hello vacay!!!!

Saturday I did a little shopping with my mom.  I'm stoked about the dresses I got at Old Navy.  And even more stoked because I had to buy mediums!!!  It's the little things :)  I'm wearing one of them for Easter so be prepared for pictures!!!

Sundays are becoming my new favorite day.  Every Sunday morning, Noah and I get ready and head to church.  It's become our thing.  Emmy can't behave in church right now and she has NO idea how to whisper.  Definitely not the best combination for other prayerful church-goers.  It's been a wonderful experience for me to watch Noah participate in Mass and get excited to leave for children's Liturgy {they dismiss the 4-6yr olds to hear the Word on their level and to do an activity.  I used to be a Children's Liturgy leader a few years ago and it's so much fun!}.  Plus its given me the opportunity to be completely present in Mass without worrying who's saying what, who's whining, and who wants me to hold them.  I'm able to be completely aware of God's presence in my life.

Friday (sorry to jump out of order)...the Hubs got to take Noah to school for Donuts with Dad.  It's the Dad's chance to hang out with the kids at school, have breakfast, and see what they've been up to.  Noah was supposed to read something in front of everyone but he chickened out last minute.  I'm not upset that he backed out.  I'm excited that he is one of the stronger reader in PreK!  John seemed to have a good time which makes me even more excited for Mother's Day Tea in May!!!

Let's talk fro yo for a minute.  I have caught the fro yo bug big time. And it's all Becca's fault!!!  Love you friend!!!  I visited either Yogurtland or Yogurtology on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Yep....5 out of 7 days. Em and I went on Tuesday after having lunch with the Hubs.  Wednesday was an impromptu trip to Yogurtology with Becca and Jen after those girls. Friday was on Date Night.  Saturday was a family trip, and when I say family trip I mean my family, my parents, my brother, and his girlfriend Sharon, after a great dinner together.  Sunday was a much needed therapy session with Sharon.  My wallet (and my body) doesn't enjoy my new hobby but my mental well being depends on these trips.  Spending time with my family, girl talk with friends, or talking about the tough stuff with important people, all of these things are so important to me and important to me staying sane.

Now while we're on the topic of food, this is where I got a big, fat kick in the face.  For some reason I've been HUNGRY this week.  Eating like a kid on steroids hungry (that's a lot FYI).  There was no staying on program for me.  No counting points. No tracking. No nothing.  I craved foods.  I didn't even crave foods when I was pregnant.  All I wanted was chips....I don't even like chips!!!  So needless to say, I had a VERY disappointing day at the scale.  I'm up 1.6lbs and as much as I knew I'd gain, it's so disappointing that I actually did.  And to make it worse, it reminds me how hard of a time I have with weight.  That one week full of bad food choices (fro yo will never be a bad food choice!!!) can have such horrible consequences for me.  So back to basics for this week.  It's back to writing everything down that I eat and drink.  It's back to no soda.  It's back to knowing what I'm putting in my body.  And it's back on the elliptical!!!  I'm going to need a lot of prayers sent my way so I can have a good week!!!



  1. Sounds like a fun, busy week! I still need to try this yogurt EVERYONE talks about! LOL. Sometimes an off weight week helps to see what you did wrong so at least you're aware? You'll get there, chickie!

  2. Old Navy has some really cute dresses out right now!
    Hope you enjoy your long weekend & short week next week :)

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one addicted to fro yo!! I seriously can't get enough. Don't get discouraged about your dieting and weight loss. I know, I know, it's easier said than done. Part of the fitness journey always includes setbacks and plateaus, but you'll bounce back stronger than ever!