Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Break part 3

I know you're all probably tired of my Disney vacay but it's the last day...I promise!!!  We loaded the kids up and headed to Hollywood Studios after checking out of the hotel (keep that in the back of your mind).  Remember when it used to be called MGM?  Now it's Hollywood Studios.  I was confused for months about what this Hollywood Studios place was.  Anyone know why the name changed anyways???

We caught a few shows (the Disney Jr Live show is awesome for anyone with little ones), rode a few rides, caught the parade, and finally saw the car stunt show.  It was awesome and Noah loved it!!!
My Little Jedi
Me and my Princess
Me and my loves
Tired but ready for the stunt show
Lightning McQueen was there!!!!
We had heard that President Obama was in Tampa Friday evening so we figured that would make rush hour traffic that much worse.  So we stalled a while, hung out at the park, and grabbed dinner at Rainforest Cafe.  The Hubs was a little nervous about me driving at night, mainly because I hate driving at night but it was Friday the 13th, so we booked a hotel room for the night.  So we headed back to the same hotel, checked into a different room, and settled in for the night.  We woke up Saturday, got packed, and then had a slight setback.  Em took a nosedive off the bed, face first into the chair leg.  She busted her lip open and let me tell you....lips bleed like CRAZY!!!!  It felt like it took an eternity to stop the bleeding.  She was crying.  I was crying.  You would have never known I was a pediatric nurse. There's something that takes over you when it's your own kid.  If Em was someone else's kid, I would have been cool, calm, and collected.  But I was anything but that.  A quick run to Centra Care (for some free medical advice) and we left with just a busted, fat lip and rug burn on the chin.  I'd post a pic of her lip but I know the Hubs will get mad so I won't do that.  But over a week later, we still have a slight split lip and some rug burn. She's a champ!!!

I promise that's the end of vacation for a while!!!


  1. Aww sorry she got hurt at the end of vacation - total bummer, but better than the beginning, I guess! Your pictures are so cute. It looks like y'all had a great time!

  2. Oh no! So glad she is ok! :) Looks like the rest of your vacay was awesome - I LOVE DISNEY! So cool!

  3. Aww, poor Em! I am glad she's okay, and I can understand why your heart would break by seeing her bleeding and banged up! Your vacation pictures are amazing and it seems like you had an unforgettable family vacation. It makes me want to visit Disney again soon!

  4. Oh, poor baby! I'm glad she's okay!