Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Break part 2

Mom and I decided not to set an alarm on Thursday and just let the kids wake up when they wake up.  Neither one of us expected them to sleep until almost 9am.  The sleep was very welcomed but it definitely put us behind schedule.  We ate breakfast, got dressed, and headed to Magic Kingdom.  Let me say this....Magic Kingdom is by far, my favorite park.  I don't know if its the nostalgia behind it or what.  I just love being there!
 When we got there, we headed to Tomorrowland and jumped on the People Mover.  Noah wanted to ride Buzz Lightyear so we grabbed Fast Passes for that ride.  Noah hung out with Buzz Lightyear for a while and then we wandered a bit.  We made it over to the castle where Rapunzel hangs out.  Em is OBSESSED with Tangled so we knew we were going to have to wait however long it would take to meet her.  I'm so glad we did because she was so happy!  I got a couple cute shots but the Disney photographers snapped a really good one that we'll end up ordering.  Then we spent the day hanging out and checking out some rides and shows that we never really take advantage of.
People Mover fun
The love of a brother and sister
Happy boy with Buzz
Finally meeting Rapunzel!!!!
so excited!
In line for Dumbo
You can see Em's head peeking over the side
Noah and Grandma hanging out
Noah's new favorite place...Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
Sleepy girl
My man
Being silly on Dumbo
It was such a great day! There's more to talk about though.  I cannot tell you how much the Cast members of Disney made my entire week.  Stay tuned to hear how amazing they are!!!


  1. It looks like you all had so much fun!

  2. What a magical place for kids & adults alike! Looks like a blast :)