Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Break part 2.5

I left off our Disney story by saying how much the Disney Cast Members made my week.  We've never really had a horrible experience with Disney Employees. A while back, the Hubs made a friend in Fantasyland that helped us skip some lines on rides.  But this particular day was unbelievable.  Emmy is deathly afraid of most characters.  We've figured it out that she really only likes the ones who look like real people....aka the Princesses, Alice, Mary Poppins, etc.  While she loves Minnie and Mickey, for some reason she just freaks out when it comes down to seeing them.  We've seen Minnie and Mickey in the past and she was fine with Minnie but FREAKED when she saw Mickey.  We decided to see them again on this vacation.  We were waiting in line to go in and see them and of course, my kids are talking to the Cast Member.  She was asking them about seeing Mickey and Minnie.  Emmy told her that she did not want to meet Mickey but wanted to meet Minnie.  Noah told her that he wanted to meet both of them.  She was called inside so she left.  When she came back, she said she was taking just the 4 of us in.  We turned the corner and only Minnie was standing there.  Emmy was in heaven!  She got to spend some time with Minnie before Mickey came in the room.  How I didn't cry in that moment escapes me.  This woman, who I will probably never see again and who will definitely not remember me or my children, made my daughter's experience simply amazing.  She went out of her way to make sure that Em would get that character meeting experience that she wanted. We were spared the tears and panic for a few special moments.  I will never be able to thank this woman enough.
While we're talking about amazing memories, let's talk Princesses!!!  It's not surprising that Emmy's a bit obsessed with the Princesses but Noah loves them just as much.  We've always ended up with great pictures with the Princesses and this trip was no different.  Not only did Emmy's favorite stuffed animal Ellie meet all the Princesses, the Princesses spent so much time talking to both of them.  Belle is by far our favorite.  She's always been a favorite of the kids but this experience was no different.  She spent like 10 minutes talking to them.  She played with Ellie, made her roar like Beast, and cracked Noah and Emmy up!  The women who get to be the Princesses definitely are special women.  Not only do they get to look beautiful and be fairy tale princesses for a living, they get to make children's dreams come true.  We are so thankful that these girls have made our kids feel so special!!!
Hugs for Cinderella
Belle loves on Ellie
Cracking my kids up!!!
We love Belle!!!
Ellie meets Sleeping Beauty

 Stay tuned for our day at Hollywood Studios!!!


  1. Aww that picture where Belle is cracking them up is so precious! There is so much excitement in faces!!! Oh to be a kid again!!!

  2. The Disney Princesses were always my favorite to go visit as a child :-)

  3. How sweet! That's so nice that they put so much effort into making it such a special experience for the kids.