Monday, June 25, 2012

This Debby chick is such a downer!!!

Let me just tell you.....

I'm over Tropical Storm Debby

I feel like she came out of nowhere and now she can't decide what she wants or where she wants to go so she's just hanging out off the coast, annoying the hell out of us. (longest run on sentence...I know...I'm sorry) Oh and let's not talk about the fact that Debby should end with an "ie" not a y! (sorry if anyone spells their name Debby)

I woke up Sunday morning in our hotel room, turned on the TV and the Weather Channel was on.  What did I see?  A reporter in full hurricane gear reporting live from Reddington Beach about the tropical storm off the coast of Florida (that I didn't know about).  That's about 10-15 min away from my house people!  How did I not know that a freakin tropical storm was headed our way??? So we packed up and headed home in this:
  As we got closer to downtown Tampa, it got worse and looked more like this:
We ended up stopping for a few hours because the rain was so bad and did a little shopping (the Hubs was in a very giving him and my Tory's!!!) before heading home.
At least we only had some small branches in our yard, nothing serious.  But the Hubs and I made sure that we moved anything that could turn into flying objects of death and settled in for a long evening of crazy wind, torrential rains, meteorologists, and Klystron 9. I had to sneak out and grab a few pics of the rain. {I'm kinda weird when it comes to hurricanes and tropical storms.  As much as I hate tornados and horrible rain, I love being outside in hurricanes.  Growing up, we were those kids that would play in the flood waters.  There's also a few home videos of us doing weather reports in hurricanes.  The Hubs hates this part of me.  He always says I'm the dumbest smart person he knows (in a loving way I'm sure) with not enough common sense to come out of the rain}
For the Hubs's sake, I did not venture out to check the depth of the water filling up our street (although I really wanted to!) but I figured why not capture the rain and play around with my camera at the same time.  We were lucky to have the rain stop a few hours later and no tornados come our way.  

Today it's been nothing but constant wind.  I can't decide which is better: rain or wind.  Either way, I wish Debby would just figure things out and make a decision.  Bridges are closed. We're pretty much trapped in Pinellas County.  This has started to really put a damper on our lives.

I hope everyone is staying safe and that damage from this ridiculous storm stays at a minimum.

Make up your mind Debby.  Quit being such a downer!!!


  1. I'm just so glad you're ok! This weather has been so nutso lately.

    I miss you. When this storm gets out of town, lets meet up!

  2. So agreed glad she's finally leaving us soon, no rain today(yet) :-) Love your TB sandles so cute!!

  3. I am so over this Debby chick! We didn't get it as bad here but my commute to work has seriously sucked major booty! Ugh

  4. Glad you all are safe and have very little damage! Debby is definitely causing a lot of problems. Praying for all those affected.

    Oh and btw...I love your Tory's too :)

  5. I love crazy weather, too! My dad was the one who always wanted to go outside and check out the storms. I remember one time when I lived in Ohio, a tornado was spotted in the area. The sirens were going off and my mom had us all get down in the basement, but my dad wanted to go outside and check it out. My mom was so mad, lol!

    Anyway, great pics! Hope things are drying out for you guys now!