Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK.....

~to be stressed that Noah turns 6 in 2 days
~to have had a great anniversary
~to be excited about seeing Wicked on the 20th thanks to my amazing brother in law!  Sorry you guys can't go now but I appreciate you giving us your tix as an anniversary gift!
~to be obsessed with grey and yellow
~to want my tax return to be here like yesterday.  We've got so many projects and fun times planned!!!
~to be proud of my kiddos for the way they behaved in Mass this past Sunday
~to be excited that college football is over!!!!!
~that pitchers and catchers report in 33 days!
~to be nervous that we're putting money on our fantasy baseball league this year
~to want to be back to back champion of our fantasy league
~to want my new bathroom
~to have quite the social calendar for January and love every minute of it!!!


  1. Oh I'm sooo ready for baseball! I love grey & yellow, they were our wedding colors :) Happy Anniversary!

  2. You get to see Wicked?! Awesome! One of my faves! :)

  3. Wicked was wicked! I hope you enjoy it :) When my kids have a Bday, I get tons of butterflies too!