Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Say My Name

The Vintage Modern Wife: Say My Name Link Up

Thanks Amber.  Now I have that song stuck in my head!!!!

I love the link ups where you get to introduce yourself a little more to readers.  This one is all about blog names.  I'm sure I've done a post about this before but I'm so in love with the direction my blog went that I have to share it again.

Obviously my blog is now titled "Life With My Loves."  It wasn't always titled that.  Before I got into blogging, like REALLY got into it, I used my blog as a way to document our journey of buying a house and our new pregnancy journey.  It was a nice way to document what Noah was up to, how the house hunt was going, and to track my pregnancy with Emmy, aka belly pics.  When I went on bedrest at 28 weeks, it was the best place for me to give updates on my appointments, ultrasounds, and testings.  I would write up a post, link it to facebook, and email it out to the family.  Then it was a place for me to vent when I was bored out of my mind while on bedrest (or stalk my mailman...yes it happened).  At this point, it was titled "A Day in the Life of the Crimella's."  Very informative title I guess.  But then the blog took a turn in a different direction.

I started reading more and more blogs.  I started interacting with some other bloggers via email.  I fell in love with the whole idea of blogging and the blogging community.  The blog morphed into an outlet for me to describe my life, not just a place to update family members.  It wasn't about a day in the life of the Crimella's.  It was more about Jessica's life with the Crimella's. I realized this when a group of Tampa bloggers met up one night and we were sharing our blog names and I totally blanked on what mine was.  It was at that moment I knew I needed a change.  This blog had evolved and I needed to acknowledge that change.  I have to credit Lauren for helping me with the name.  I was a Twitter virgin at that moment and she was helping me navigate the Twitter world and we came up with my Twitter handle @lifewithmyloves (you should follow me....shameless plug!!)  I instantly knew this was my blog's new name.

Life With My Loves

It sums up everything that my blog is about.  It's about my adventures with the loves of my life...the Hubs and the kiddos.  I don't know why I didn't see it a long time before that.  That's where the blog was headed.  It's our life, through my eyes, for me to remember.

It's the book I'm writing.

The story of my Life With My Loves.



  1. it's a sweet name. and love your header showcasing your loves!

  2. Isn't it funny how blog are constantly changing and morphing as our lives change? Thanks for sharing your bogging journey and how it all began.

  3. Aww, so sweet! I love your blog name :) I had no idea Lauren helped you with it, she's a doll. Thanks for linking up sweet friend! :)

  4. I totally remember this!!! Aww love it and how excited you were to have a new blog name that described your life...with your loves :-) Glad I could help out!Now I for sure need to link up for this ;-)

  5. How cool! I didn't know that you started your blog originally for friends and family. It is fun to learn more about why people started their blogs and how they change over time!