Monday, February 25, 2013

The time when I terrified my 3 year old

Who would have thought that 5 minutes of this would scare a 3 year old beyond belief?

Disney has freaked my daughter out more than anything in the entire world.

Noah has been wanting to see this for months so when I saw it available on demand, I bought it for the kiddos.  Within 2 minutes, she was thinking it was creepy.  First off, where was all the color?  Black and white did not sit well with Em. Then she was flat out scared.  So we turned it off.  No big deal.  Then the tears came.  Followed by panic attacks.  Yep. My sweet innocent little girl is having panic attacks every night and at nap time because of Frankenweenie.  This was a week ago.  7 days later, she's still petrified to go to sleep.  She cries hysterically for hours every night.  She has to fall asleep in our arms.  I can't believe this has happened.

Am I a horrible mother for even thinking this would be a cute movie for the kids?  I mean this movie is up for an Oscar.  It has to be a good one, right?

It's my fault that she's scared to go to bed.  My heart breaks every night listening to her cry.  How do I make this up to her?  How do I figure out a way to make the scary thoughts/images disappear from my sweet girl's mind?  How do I bring peace to her precious mind?



  1. My now 11 year old was similarly terrified by Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when he was about four years old. We just talked about it a bunch...about how it was all make-believe and that he was safe at home with Mom & Dad. It took him a while to get over it, but to this day he does not want to watch that movie. I'm sorry she's so scared! ((hugs))

  2. I can't see the image but whatever it was, I'm sure she will be okay! Poor girl :( and really poor momma.

  3. Sorry for you both! I hope things work out soon.

  4. Aw that must be terrible as a mother to deal with. How did Disney make an Oscar worthy kids cartoon so scary? So sorry!

  5. Awww, poor girl! It's not your fault mama, how would you have known? I'm sorry she's so scared...I'm sure she'll be okay in the long run, but I'm sure it's tough in the meantime!

    Disney can make things scary, I've realized. Going back and rewatching some of the classics from when we were little made me realize those villans are scary! And in this case, maybe the B&W just freaked her out to begin with. Poor Em!