Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I know I've talked about my love/hate relationship with running (or exercise in general) but I've finally found something that sums it up completely!!!

I just love this, although I'd be dressed a lot cuter than the girl in the top picture
I've never said I'm a small girl.  Actually I'm the opposite.  I've got thick thighs that make finding shorts impossible.  I have a post-baby (or post 2 babies) stomach that even scares me to look at (imagine what the Hubs thinks).  I've got boobs. HUGE ones.  They are the bane of my existance.  So here's where I need help.  Any suggestions on a good sports bra for a bigger chest?  It took me weeks to find a decent one before my first half 2 years ago but I still bounce around a little more than I would like.  I'm dying to find an amazing sports bra so I can run without having to wear 2 sports bras.  Actually if I could find a super comfortable full body Spanx to run in, I'd be a happy girl and I'm sure everyone else who has to see me run would be happy.  But for now, I'm just looking for some support.  It's my goal to start dropping the weight, increasing the mileage, and shaving off the minutes. 

So here's my new motto:


  1. WOW. Those first two pictures completely sum up the way I am when I run! But it's that much more enouragement to keep going so that I can feel AND look like the 1st pic, haha! You go girl for keeping it up! :)

  2. Hahaha, that made me laugh! I hate running!! : ) I have no advice for you because I have absolutely no boobs. Sorry!!