Friday, October 21, 2011

A quick photo recap of the past 2 weeks

Boy have I been slacking on the blogging front!  2 weeks have gone by and no updates.  I'm sorry about that everyone.  So to catch everyone up to speed, I'll do a quick photo recap.

First we start with 2 weekends ago, at Noah's school fair.  Fun Fair has been around longer than I can remember.  I remember spending the entire weekend there because that's what you did.  Now that I'm a parent  of the school, I'm obligated to go.  Everything's come full circle.  Once a student, then alumni, now parent.  Strange.  But anyways, his PreK class, along with the K/1st graders, did a performance of 2 songs.  One was "I like Me" and the other was about a little ghost.  Here's a few pics:
The whole group
With his self portrait
I'm a little ghost and I say BOO!!!
Then we celebrated my Grandpa's birthday.  It was weird not having him around this year but I hope he liked his balloon!
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Then we had our big Disney trip.  We're passholders so we go a lot.  Our kids have grown up spending time at Disney.  But this time was different.  It was the first time that Emmy really had fun I think.  Being 2 and talkative, she was able to laugh at the rides, say hi to all the characters, and just have fun.
I love this castle!!!  I can stare at it forever! 
This face is priceless!!!

She was Snow White all day!!
She loved meeting Minnie but hated cried whenever he looked at her
She loved looking at the Princesses faces 
Her second favorite of all time!!!
Think she's worn out?!?!
Digging up some dinosaur bones
Just hanging out with some random girls
Mulan was one of their favorites!!!

I know this was a ton of pictures but it was the fastest way to catch everyone up to speed.  Plus I just adore my kiddos so I love looking at their pics!!!  This weekend is busy for tomorrow AM, a wedding tomorrow night, and then housework all day Sunday.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Awww, y'all have been having so much fun! Love the fair pictures with the funny faces!!

  2. McKayla and I really enjoyed looking at your Disney pictures - makes us want to go!!

  3. my faverite disney princess is Belle 2nd faverite is Briar rose

  4. I'm glad you girls loved the pictures! Great Favorite Princesses McKayla!!!