Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Can you "nest" when you're not pregnant?

I know a lot of the blog world is pregnant right now and I am certainly not pregnant but let me tell you, I am nesting like nobody's business.  Maybe I'm sensing my SIL's nesting or maybe I just needed to be in this mood, but I'm in full on nesting mode. After unpacking the enormous amount of stuff we came home with on Saturday, I proceeded to do almost all of the laundry in the house, go through my closet/purses/shoes, reorganize it all, make the Hubs do the same to his side, and ended up with 7 bags of things to go to Goodwill of my own.  Pair it with the 5 bags of things that were waiting to go to Goodwill and that makes a whole heck of a lot of things that we did not need. It kinda looked like this:
I woke up on Sunday and reorganized the Tupperware cabinet (the bane of my existence), went through all of the kids cups, and all of the junk that landed on the top of the fridge. We cleaned out the garage and finally got rid of the toys that were just taking up space. I took down the disgusting kitchen curtains that came with the house (only 4 years in the making) and have my eye on painting our bathroom. I think the Hubs secretly doesn't want this phase to end and frankly, neither do I.  I can be horribly lazy at times so this has been a great feeling of accomplishment for me.  I've been consulting Pinterest all afternoon in the hopes of coming up with a new color scheme for the master bedroom that both the Hubs and I can live with.

I'm a crazy person right now!  We'll see how long it lasts!!!


  1. I just did this yesterday too, felt so good! :-)

  2. I love to go through stuff and purge. Just feels so good!

  3. I wish you could come over and do my house. I'm packing for Jacksonville now and trying to purge a lot of crap we've accumulated in the last 9 months but it is just not happening. Please, send me some nesting urges!