Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School

I don't know when it happened but my kids have grown up.  They are no longer my sweet little babies (no matter how much I tell them that).  They are kids now.  Like actual people.  Noah has become so independent and Em is following right behind him.  I guess it took today for me to realize that there's no turning back.  That they are going to grow up, no matter how much I wish they didn't.  And this is where I start crying, almost ugly crying.

Noah has been looking forward to today for weeks.  He has been so excited about starting Kindergarten.  It didn't matter that he's going to the same school he's gone to for 2 years.  He's wearing the same uniform he's worn for 2 years.  None of that matters.  All that matters is that he's in Kindergarten now and he'll be 6 (in January).  Em had a little bit of convincing when it came to school.  She was excited but didn't want to go.  Last night, she kept saying she wasn't going to school.  That I couldn't make her.  What was the first thing out of her mouth this morning???  "Momma you have to do my hair.  I have to have my Tangled braids."  Guess she was on board for school today.  It was a little surreal for me.  I've done the first day of school for 2 years now.  The first one was hard.  I couldn't believe I was sending my baby to school.  I'm still having a silent panic attack with this one.  This is my last "First Day of School."  Sure I'll get to have a 1st day of school every year but this was Em's first day ever.  The first day she put on her school uniform.  The first time we left her in the classroom and weren't a room away.  I'm tearing up just writing this.

So anywho....after I finished Em's hair, she instantly said "Bye Mom." I almost died.  She was so ready to go.  She wasn't even in her uniform yet and she was already saying goodbye.  I knew at that moment, no matter how much I wanted her to not want me to leave, that she would have no problem today.  So we got dressed, she said "Bye Mom."  We got into the car.  She said "Bye Mom."  We pulled into school.  She said "Bye Mom."  And when it was time to leave, we pretty much had to pry her away from playing to say goodbye.

Noah didn't even want us to bring him to his classroom.  He was so ready that he didn't need us.  He was totally let down when I said that wasn't an option.  He practically pushed us out of his room.

So once we said our goodbyes and did a last minute peek into Em's room, the Hubs and I went to breakfast, wandered Target and KMart, went grocery shopping, and took advantage of the quiet that filled our house for the few short hours we were home without the kids.  Then we headed to pick them up and take them to lunch.  Both kids loved school and were ready to go back.

Of course I couldn't make it through the day without taking a picture.  What kind of Mom would that make me?  So here you go!!! And I just figured out how awesome PicMonkey is!!!
I can't believe how much he's grown in 3 years.  We had to recreate the backpack picture today!!!
Em wasn't as excited for pictures as I was.  Check out her crazy face in all of them!
Noah was very excited for today!

I'm so proud of my kiddos (and the Hubs for not crying).  I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us!!  Hope everyone else had a great 1st Day of School!!!


  1. I will be writing this same post next year except my baby will be going to her first day of HIGH SCHOOL!!! Oh my gosh, I just can't believe that time has went by so quickly. Glad your kiddos had a good day. I feel your pain momma, hang in there :)

  2. So adorable your kiddos are :-)

  3. I held it together until I got home today and then it was tears city! I can't believe we're at pre-school already. Le sigh. Thanks for becoming a Rosebud!...:)

  4. Oh, they're so sweet! I'm glad they enjoyed school, even if it was tough for you. :)