Friday, December 21, 2012

When did he grow up?

I find myself asking this question more and more these days.  All of a sudden, Noah has gone from a little boy to a big boy.  I don't know when it happened but it did.  He's maturing.  His thought process is getting wiser.  It's crazy!  He's still a little kid but it's not long before he's going to be a big kid for good.  I'm not ready for that one bit. I know it's going to happen but I want to delay it as much as possible.

Here's what I mean.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  I was in the garage ironing my work clothes and he came out to see me.  The Hubs had brought down the Christmas decorations a few days earlier so we could be ready to start decorating on Black Friday.  Noah asked me if we could get our Christmas tree that day when we got home from work.  I told him (for the 300th time) that we can't start any Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.  It was a rule. He looked at me and said "Well we could buy it today to beat the crowd." He meant it with all sincerity but I couldn't help but snicker.  He was very worried about there being a rush on Christmas trees.  I mean what 5 year old thinks about that?  Very grown up if you ask me.

Fast forward to this weekend.  We were in the car heading to who knows where.  The Hubs said something along the lines of trading in Emmy for some reason.  I think because she was starting to annoy everyone in the car and the Hubs made a "trade in your little sister" reference.  Well Noah piped up with "Yeah.  We can sell her online." Really?  He was proud of himself for that one.

Me, Noah and Froggy...just hanging out!!!!
Last night at their Christmas concert, Noah was such ham up on stage.  They did a song with the 1st graders then joined the 1st-3rd graders and the drama club to sing the songs for the play.  Noah was in the front row and he spotted us.  He kept waving to us when he was done singing.  Would shoot us a thumbs up and even blew us a few kisses.  But the best part of the night.....he would look at me, smile, and wink.  I just melt!
Love this kid!!!!

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