Thursday, July 7, 2011

I hate to brag....

I'm usually not a huge bragger but I just have to pat myself on the back for this one.  I came home from work yesterday to find a enveloped addressed to me with a return label from the Chief Nursing Officer of the hospital I work for.  By seeing Hella's name, I instantly became worried.  Why would I be getting anything in the mail from Hella?  This is what's running through my head:  I hope I'm not getting fired.  Hella and I are on a first name basis, not because I'm in trouble (although I am known to cause my fair share of it) but because she's taking an active step to getting to know the "front line" leaders of the hospital (aka charge nurses).  So I open the envelope to find the standard ACH card.  Inside is a hand written note from Hella saying:

"Jessica- Just wanted to let you know you were recognized by your resident.  She stated you were an excellent role model.  Thank you for all you do to develop new nurses.  Hella"

I was floored that she actually took the time to write a little note.  I guess one of the girls I precepted thought I did a good job.  I just adore precepting and helping new nurses figure out their role as a nurse and how to become confident in their skills and knowledge.  It's nice to hear you're making a difference every once and a while.

Sorry to brag but I'm really honored and excited about my note!!!



  1. That's great! You should be proud :)

  2. How nice! Congrats - you should definitely be proud!