Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So sad to see it end....

I can't believe there will be no more Harry Potter to look forward to.  Yes, I'm a Harry Potter fan and not afraid to say so!  I have been captivated ever since I read the first book, which I finished 5 minutes before seeing the first movie.  A guy that I dated in college (yes I was a sophomore in college when the first movie came out....man I'm old) loved the books and couldn't wait to see the movie.  He insisted that I read the book before the movie.  I'm glad he did.  While almost every book is better than the movie versions, I have never been disappointed by the movie representation of this series.  And even with the director changes throughout the process, the story and magic of Harry Potter has never been lost. 

Part One of the last movie left me wanting more.  I know the first half of the book was a little boring (aka lacking the action that the second half has) but I am sad to say that while I loved it, it kinda bored me.  I left feeling like I needed more (like I needed Part 2 to come out ASAP).  Part 2 was nothing short of amazing!  It had the action, the story, the romance, the guts, and the emotion that I was expecting.  I will not lie....there were a few times I cried.  Cried because it was so good, cried because it was so sad, cried because it had come to an end.  I just hope that my children will have a chance to fall in love with 3 characters the way I have. 

So without further adeu......Picture overload from our visit last year to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  I'm so lucky to live 2 hours away from this magical place.  My brother's girlfriend and I were like kids in a candy store.  It was the most magical place ever!!!
Isn't it breathtaking?!?!?

Of course the Chi Omega girl would find the Owl Post!!!

I'm finally here!!!


Snogging in the castle

Frozen Butterbeer is the way to go!

Sharon and I at Hogwarts

Cheers for a great day!!! 

Hogwarts at night
Just looking at all of these pics make me want to go back to Islands of Adventure and maybe even re-read all the Harry Potter books again.

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