Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some realizations

So I've come to a few realizations of late. 

1.  I'm horrible at blogging.  I was doing so well and then I switched jobs.  You would think that I'd be able to keep up with this better since I had more free time....must mean I'm hanging out with my family a little more!  I really want this blog to be a reflection of me and my life.  But I also want to be able to look back at it and be able to remember all the great things we've done as a family. 

2.  My motivation is somewhat missing.  I really need to jump back on the weight loss wagon.  I'm not gaining any weight but I'm not losing any.  Things need to really kick into gear.

3.  My exercise routine is doing wonders for my well being.  I've been running at least 3 nights a week for about an hour.  My neighborhood is a nice 1 mile circle.  It's nice to know how far I'm actually going and my neighborhood is really cute so I don't mind being out there.  Also, I think the time alone is doing me good for my mental well being.  If I'm stressed, frustrated, mad, sad, etc, being out there, on my own, running (lets be honest....sometimes its just fast walking) gives me the opportunity to work through it all.  I never in a million years thought I'd use running as a stress reliever.  Its amazing how things change as you get older!

4.  My kids are getting too grown up.  Noah's almost 5 (I can't believe I'm actually old enough to say that) and Emmy turns 2 in a month.  I honestly don't know where the time went. As cliche as this sounds, it really does feel like yesterday that I was pregnant with them.  It makes me sad but not sad enough to have any more kiddos!!!

5.  I'm really starting to come into my own when it comes to work.  I'm becoming more comfortable in my new role in clinic.  I'm starting to handle the stress of 5 patients coming at the same time (I mean it that hard to come to the dr's office at the time you're scheduled???)  And I'm actually starting to think that I made the right decision to make the switch to clinic.

6.  I've also realized I had the best manager ever!  Not only does she come out and work clinic if we need her to, she's just awesome.  How many people can say they go out for Happy Hour with their bosses?  Or go to baseball games with them (which is what I will be doing tomorrow night....she has season tix to the Rays and no one to take to the game....I say yes please!!!).  It is a great relief to know there is someone who has your back all the time. It also makes coming to work not feel like a chore. 

7.  I've also realized how much these people mean to me (not that I didn't already but being home with them so much more since my job change has really made me realize how lucky I am)
Typical...both kids climbing on Mommy

Love him

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