Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nothing better than family

This weekend we were blessed to have the entire Trowbridge clan in town and in one place at the same time.  My aunt and uncle from Las Vegas came into town with my cousins (who I haven't seen since 2000....yeah they're like 16 now) and my aunt and uncle from Alabama came into town with my cousins.  My grandpa isn't doing too well with his COPD (his breathing is declining tremendously) so it was nice to get everyone together.  We also took the time to take pictures.  I will cherish these pictures forever because who knows when we'll get everyone together again.  Sorry for the pic overload but I'm so excited about these pics!!!
All of the Trowbridge Grandkids (my bros are on the couch with me)

My dad (in orange) and his sister and brother

My grandparents and their kids

My dad and my grandpa

The entire Trowbridge clan (minus my grandparents)

Me and Aunt Robin

Uncle Jeff and Kyle...we're so blessed to have Uncle Jeff here with us

Me and my beach baby
This weekend was amazing and I'm glad to have pictures to remember it by. 

Because it's true, there's nothing better than family

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  1. Yay! This post makes mne happy :) Glad y'all all got together!