Monday, September 12, 2011

Disney on Ice

We are fortunate enough to have amazing friends!  I know that's a rather odd statement.  All friends should be amazing, right?  That's why they are your friends.  Why would you want less than amazing friends in your life?  But I truly believe that the Hubs and I are extremely blessed in the friends arena. 

A very close friend of the Hubs, well let me put it this way, his "other" brother (not biological but brother in every other sense of the word), was awesome enough to give us their passes to Disney on Ice since the ended up getting tickets through another friend.  We had really wanted to take the kids but the money situation has been a little rough with my unexpected health vacay from work the past couple of weeks.  So it was a great treat for us to end up getting to go this past Friday night.  This was also my first real outing since surgery.  And wouldn't  you know, Emmy gets a fever and starts getting sick Friday afternoon.  I was really bummed about this since I knew she'd LOVE it and because I was going to have to stay home (I secretly wanted to go more than the kids did).  My mom was awesome enough to volunteer to watch her so the Hubs and I could take Noah.  So we got ready and headed to Tampa.

  Our seats were amazing, 16 rows from the ice. Noah was in awe the entire time!  It was a great show.  The skating was so-so (the guys were not landing their jumps cleanly) but all in all, I'm so glad we went.  The concessions were outrageous....$10 for cotton candy???  Give me a break.  But yes, we got cotton candy.  And a $12 sno-cone. And a $7 box of popcorn.  What can you say?  We're suckers.

This also was the first time I have worn real pants since surgery.  I've been living in sweatpants, which are A-OK for home but definitely not for wearing in public.  Let me tell you, after an hour of pants, I was ready to unbutton and unzip, which I did the minute the lights went out!

Here are just a few (ok lets be real, more than a few) pics from the show:
He realized I could see him in the rearview mirror

View from our seats

Daddy and Noah (with the Nemo hat the came with the $10 cotton candy)

Me and my lil man

They ended the first act with a "It's a Small World" show.  It looked exactly like the ride and Mickey went up in the balloon!

Checking out the ice at intermission

Me and the Hubs, who always leans back in pics so he looks ginormous with a small head

A pic of Ariel for Emmy

Fireworks after the show

All the characters at the end
 If you ever get the opportunity to go to a Disney on Ice show, you definitely should.  It's quite an amazing time!

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  1. Oh wow, that's awesome of them!! One of my friends went and said it was amazing!! Glad y'all had fun!