Sunday, September 25, 2011

My grandpa passed away on Saturday night surrounded by all of our family.  That's why I've been a little MIA and will continue to be MIA for a few days.  Please pray for my grandma and all my family as we deal with losing one of the most amazing men I've ever known.  Pray especially for my Dad who was super close with my grandpa (his dad) as he makes all the arrangements while dealing with his grief.

Make sure to hug your loved ones a little tighter.  You never know when you have to say goodbye.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss it is a terrible thing to have to deal with will be saying a prayer for you and your family.

  2. So sorry, my friend! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. Oh, Jessica, I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.