Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fabulous Fall Challenge #7

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Day 7: Fall Recipes

I'm going to clue you in on a little secret.  I'm not much of a chef.  I try to look the part by having a really cute Vera apron, buying tons of cookbooks and cooking magazines, and even pinning a ton of recipes.  But I'm not that big on cooking.  I aspire to be but I don't have the drive or initiative.  So this post will leave you with pretty much nothing.  My mom has a great stew recipe (we call it Super Soup) that I make whenever it gets cold but do you think I have the recipe???  I get it from her every year, write it down on some random piece of paper, and that piece of paper never makes it to my recipe book.  I know it calls for V8 juice, ground beef, lima beans, corn, carrots, peas, and thats about all I remember.  So unfortunately I have nothing to share with you.  Maybe I'll find the recipe tomorrow and I can share it then (but don't hold your breath). 

But I'm stoked to check out everyone's recipes and more than likely steal them for my own use!!!

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