Sunday, September 4, 2011

Home and Loving it!!!!

First things first....thanks for all the well wishes.  I am excited to share that I am finally at home and gallbladder free!!!  After waiting all day on Friday (I mean literally all day), I was whisked away to the OR at 9:45pm to have my surgery.  My surgeon was nice enough to come back to the hospital, after having dinner with his family and tucking his kids into bed, to do my surgery so I could finally go home.  He went in to do some exploration to see if anything besides the gallbladder could be the culprit of my pain but all he found was my gallbladder.  I guess a layer of stomach fat had adhered to my gallbladder.  He told the Hubs that this sometimes happens after pregnancies (plus I'm fat too so I guess I was at double risk).  So regardless of my perfectly functioning gallbladder, the layer of fat was irritating it.  So he was nice enough to take it out.  I was discharged on Saturday morning and have been home since.  Today I feel more like a human.  I took a shower and can function a little better.  Sitting straight up in the chair while I type this is a little uncomfortable but I figure a little discomfort is worth it to thank all of you for your prayers!!!  This was quite the experience and my entire family is trying to get back into the swing of things (and I'm trying to get back into the swing of eating. After not eating for a week, it's kinda rough starting to eat again).

Here are the pics I've been trying to upload all week:
Some of my Get Well Goodies (a monkey balloon is missing because Noah took it home one night)
The kiddos having dinner at Mommy's home away from home.  Notice how comfy Emmy made herself
Me, looking like a hot mess, smiling because I've just had pain meds!!!
I will spare you all from seeing my actual stomach.  It's quite the sight.  But if anyone has a good technique to get all the betadine off, I'd love to hear it.  You'd think being a nurse I'd have a good solution but I've always told my patients that it just wears off (which it does) but that answer isn't flying with me since it's my belly that's yellow. 

Another exciting thing friend Jen had her baby!!!  Colton Alexander was born at 5:14pm and is absolutely adorable!!!  I cannot wait to meet him.  I find myself just staring at his cute little face!  I cried when she sent me his picture.  I am so proud of Jen and so happy for her to finally experience motherhood.  She is going to be the best Momma!!!

And to top off the most exciting day USF Bulls beat Notre Dame!!!  I have never been so proud to be a Bull.  The game wasn't the greatest but they capitalized on ND mistakes, BJ Daniels looked pretty good with his passing game, and they stuck it out through 2 weather delays to hang on and knock off the #16 team in the nation.  You know I was cheering as much as I could!  I even threw on my USF dress over my sweatpants just to be festive for the game! 
Me and the bestie in our USF gear for a game last year

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