Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Happy Wednesday to everyone!  I'm getting back into my old rhythm and linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday.  So here goes!!!

I'm loving that my amazing friend Jen had her baby!!!  Every morning I get a picture text sent to me of the cutest lil guy!  I am definitely a proud Auntie!!!  Can't wait to meet lil Colton!!!

I'm loving that I'm home and gallbladder free.  After the week in the hospital and being away from the kiddos and the Hubs, I'm thankful to be home and getting back on my feet. 

I'm loving that its football season again!!!  My Bulls did an AMAZING job beating the Fighting Irish this weekend and I can't wait for the rest of the season!  Go Bulls!!!

More importantly, I'm loving the Hubs.  Not only has he held me together through my weeklong adventure in the hospital, he managed to keep the kids feeling as normal as possible.  He's also done an amazing job taking care of me and picking up the slack while I'm a little incapable of doing too much.  Poor guy has a stomach bug right now too (although if I get it, I'll kill him....and then blog about it!!!).  I love you so much!!!  Thanks for being amazing!!!

I'm also loving that its September.  It is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!  Gold is the ribbon color for childhood cancer and I'd love to see it as popular and recognizable as the pink ribbon.  I wanted to share a little something about the kids I work with:

They ride tricycles in the hallway, not in the park. They know the names of chemos instead of their classmates. Their central lines have names. Nurses and doctors are their new family. They think hair is overrated. Their laughter can make a heart melt. Their strength will make a grown person cry. If you've ever seen a kid fight cancer, it will change your life forever! September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Pass It On.
How true these words are!  Help us as we fight this nasty beast!  Don't forget you can donate to my CureSearch Walk fundraising page here!
Have a great week!!!!

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