Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge #2

It's Day 2 of Amber and Neely's Blog Challenge! 

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Today is all about Fall Clothes/Makeup/Trends.  Again, I'm going to remind everyone that I live in Florida.  It's still 90 degrees for a couple more weeks.  Hopefully it will start cooling off soon.  We had a couple mornings in the high 70s/low 80s but that didn't last all that long.

Fall means sweaters, scarves, oranges and browns.  I love the idea of introducing layers into the wardrobe.  I have a very small comfort zone when it comes to temperature so layers are a must!  These outfits are inspiring my fall wardrobe (in my head for right now since I haven't really gone shopping lately)

I want this to be my typical day to day outfit! via


I love the mustard color!!! via 

This eggplant color....swoon! via
 But until the weather cools off, I think I'll stick to outfits like this:
A little bit of summer, a little bit of fall via


  1. I love the second outfit! Wish I could wear something like that :(

  2. Ah! I am in love with the first outfit! And I totally have the cranberry color pop outfit pinned... love it!

    ♥ www.livingbarefootandcrazy.blogspot.com

  3. adorable!! love the one with purple. can't wait for some cooler weather to pull out sweaters and scarves :)