Sunday, May 15, 2011

Because I'm a Lazy Blogger

The Hubs told me today that I'm a lazy blogger since I haven't updated in a while.  Good to know he looks forward to my updates!!!  This week starts a 5 day work week for me.  This should be interesting. I left a job that only required me to work 3 days a week and moved to a job that is 4 days a week.  This has been quite an adjustment (proof is in the sinus infection I'm brewing).  But one of my coworkers is on vacation this week so I am working all 5 days.  I'm going to be delirious by Thursday.  Wish me luck and say a few prayers for the girls who have to work with me all week. 

Besides my schedule, there's a lot to discuss this week....Painting with a Twist, Rays game and Darius Rucker, the Hubs upcoming birthday, My Style Monday (with a twist) and a "get to know you" kind of post.  Hopefully I can find the time to get on here this week.

Have a great week!!!

1 comment:

  1. Ooohhh I'm excited about "the twist"! haha!

    It's cute that he noticed :)