Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hopping Bunnies and Jiggle Time

Weight Loss Challenge

I'm going to link up with Lindsey and Rachel this week even though I was really bad and didn't even weigh myself.  I ate horribly, drank way too much soda, and all in all, feel pretty horrible.  I can't wait for the weekend because I plan on getting some good runs in (in hopes that it will kick start my training) and I hope to get some much needed sleep.  I am very aware of my throat so I really hope that I'm not going to get sick.

But even though I really didn't participate much this week, I still have goals for next week.  I intend to stop drinking all the soda.  I don't really know why I started drinking so much.  Even the Hubs noticed I was drinking more soda than I usually do.  I'm drinking a ton more water since I can have it readily available at work.  I'm also going to pass up on the trips to Dairy Queen.  A DQ opened right around the corner and I may have had a Blizzard (or two) this week.  Have you ever looked at the Nutritional Guide for Blizzards?  If you haven't, don't.  It's just scary.  I even got one with fruit in it, instead of cookies/chocolate and it was still ENOROMOUSLY bad for me.  But it tasted good at the time.  I also plan on running.  I mean it this time.  I need to get my booty in gear.  Anyone have any good motivation for me?  I just can't seem to get into it right now. I need to get focused on a lot of things in my life right now.

We've had a ton go on over the last week or two.  I'll start updating on that soon.  But I'll leave you tonight with some pics from Noah's Spring Performance.  He was the cutest sleuthing bunny ever!

Noah's in the blue shirt and khaki pants

Looking for the Easter Eggs
He really got into it
Watching her big brother
I'm going to try to get on here this weekend but if I don't, Happy Mother's Day to all the Mama's out there!!!


  1. Hey girl I know its hard to stay motivated but once you lose those first couple of pounds and your clothes fit looser thats when the motivation starts rolling like a snow ball!!! I'm participating in the jiggle challeng too and some days are extremely tough but in the long run its worth it!

  2. Sweet pictures!

    I say find something that will give you the motivation. Buy a dress a size too small that you want to wear to a wedding later this year... think about a trip to the beach... let yourself buy a new outfit once you lose 10 pounds... or whatever. My motivation was my husband telling me he wanted to go on a cruise in June. Started at the end of November with a goal of 115. I was 119 this morning and hope to get there in the next month!

    Just stick with it. And good for you for linking up even when you had a rough week!