Friday, May 6, 2011

We appreciate Teachers in our house!

Happy Teachers Appreciation week to all the teachers out there. Noah's school had a very special teachers week this week that we participated in. I might have gone a little overboard but why not? These special people are shaping my 4 year old (and dealing with his tantrums). I was really bad about taking pics of each day's gifts so I'll recap as best as possible.

Day 1: How You Help Us Grow
This day Noah was supposed to bring in flowers, a plant or something for the garden. I had seen these great seed packet wrap-arounds over at Hello, Good Gravy! and knew I had to use them. Well, when it came time for it, I never printed them out. (we don't have a printer at our house....shocking I do I survive?) I forgot to send them to the Hubs so he could print them out for me. So I improvised. I made my own with the same little saying...not as cute but works all the same. I placed the seed packet in a clay flower pot and there you go....2 flower gifts.

Day 2: Take A Moment to Relax
This day was all about the teacher's favorite hobby. Noah's teacher loves the beach and playing sports outside. The aide in his class loves reading and cross stiching. I found a cute straw tote in Target's Dollar Section (for $2.50 but she's worth it), tossed in a cute beach towel, a pair of flip flops and some tanning oil. Perfect little beach pack! I actually wanted to keep it but I didn't. For his aide, I found a really cute cross stich kit that said "Laughter is an instant vacation" How true that is!!! I also put in a really nice bookmark. I forget the quote on it but again, I thought about keeping it.

Day 3: Teachers are especially SWEET
You guessed it....candy day! I knew what Noah's teachers' favorite candies were but I thought I'd make something fun for all the faculty and staff of the school. I made mocha truffles for Christmas gifts 2 years ago and they were a big hit. So I decided to make them for the teachers. How could the combination of chocolate and coffee be a bad idea?  They are super rich diabetic coma rich.  But they are yummy!  I was making them late at night and got tired so they ended up being HUGE truffles but I hear they are the talk of the school, even 3 days later!  The recipe is super easy.  I haven't figured out how to appropriately chocolate coat anything so mine didn't look as pretty as the picture with the recipe.  But really, you should make them.  They're awesome!!!

These are NOT mine.  These are from the recipe and are what mine were supposed to look like if I could correctly dip things in chocolate

Day 4: We Flip over our Teachers
This is the day I am most proud of myself!  For this day,  we were supposed to bring in a pair of flip flops or anything that has to do with flip flops. Now PreK has 16 kids.  There was a potential for them to receive 16 pairs of flip flops.  Granted Noah's teacher LOVES flip flops, I wanted to be a little different.  The Hubs and I found the greatest gift on the entire planet (and this one wins the best flip flop gift in the entire school)

Flip Flop Wine
 I about fell over!  How perfect is flipflop wine for flip flop day?!?!?!  And I just learned today (when I was looking for this pic) that flipflop wines partners with Soles4Souls.  It's an organization that provides shoes (new or gently worn) to people who are in need all over the world. I also learned that flipflop wines will donate 1 pair of shoes for every bottle of wine sold in the first year.  So I donated 2 pairs of shoes to a person in need.  How awesome is that!?!?

Day 5: Our Teachers are Special
This is the wrap up of Teachers Week.  We were to bring in something in her favorite color or something that every teacher can use.  His teacher's favorite colors are pink and black and the aide's favorite color is blue.  I had seen this amazing idea over at eighteen25 a long time ago and I just had to make them for this week!  I found office supplies in pink and blue (and purple) and ran with it.  I actually took pictures of this project so here is the final result!!!
The finished products

A view of the inside.  They are exactly the same except everything that's pink in this one is blue in the other one
They loved their boxes and loved their teacher week.  I credit them for how much Noah's grown over the past year.  He's adjusting to routines, learning to follow the rules, he can write his entire alphabet and is already spelling words on his own, and he's learning about God, Jesus, and his Catholic faith. 

Thank you so much to the teachers at his school for being wonderful angels in our lives!!!

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  1. Wow! I am impressed! I just went and volunteered for an hour while the teachers went to their luncheon! CUTE IDEAS!