Saturday, May 28, 2011


So I'm still in a funk (I might be a little hormonal right now too....this silly IUD messes me up emotionally every few months) but something definitely brightened my Father's Day cards came in from Shutterfly!!!  I"m in LOVE!!!!  They had a special for 5 free cards for a graduation promo but you could make any type of card for free.  Sign me up for anything free from Shutterfly!!!  I just adore their cards.  So I made amazing cards for the Hubs and all 3 grandpas (with one left for me to save).  They arrived today and OMG!!!  I had to show the Hubs, who loved them too!!!  I love them so much that I checked back to see if the promo was still running and it's changed to a Father's Day promo.  5 free cards again!  I decided to make a similar card for the rest of the Dads in our families (my grandpas, the Hubs grandpa, the Hubs's brother, and one to save for me of course).  Head on over to Shutterfly and check it out!!!

And I'm only promoting this because I love Shutterfly's products and its a great promotion.  I did not receive compensation for this at all. 


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