Monday, May 16, 2011

My Style Monday....Emmy Edition

My Style Monday

I'm linking up with Lindsey again today but putting a little twist on it.  I am really bad at taking pictures of my outfits.  The Hubs hates taking pictures and I love to take pictures so I'm usually behind the camera all the time.  So I figured why not share some of my little girl's fashion throughout her short 21 months.  I'm warning you now.  Be prepared for an overload of Emmy and a TON of pics.  I can't help it....I'm in love with her!

I should have known we would have a girlie girl on our hands when this is what her room turned out to look like:
I definitely have a girlie girl on my hands (and I secretly love it...don't tell anyone!!!)
Her early months involved pictures of every outfit and multiple outfit changes a day.  Here are just a small sampling of my favorites:
August 2009-December 2010
Then she got older and decided she loves fashion.  This is what happens when we let her pick out her own outfits:

She likes to accessorize and even uses Noah's fireman costume to complete her outfits
 And she has a love of tutus.  I don't really know where she got that from (besides me pushing them on her) because I was never a girlie, fru-fru, frilly girl.  I was a play with the boys in the dirt kind of girl.  But Em is super cute in her tutus!!!

And I'll leave you with some pictures of my favorite outfits in the recent months.  She loves shoes (her boots were worn for days) and she loves dresses.  How did I end up with such a fun little doll to dress up??

My favorite outfit!

Easter cuteness

A denim romper for the park...yes please!
I hope you all enjoyed My Style Monday: Emmy Edition! 

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  1. I wish my booty looked that cute in a romper! She is such a cutie! Loved your My Style Twist :)