Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Oh Kay!!!

I am so behind on blogging, especially with all the time off I have right now, but it's OH KAY!!!!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK.....

~to have amazing friends who will suffer through lunch with my kids and still talk to me afterwards!!!
~to be craving dinner something fierce tonight....pulled pork with homemade BBQ sauce courtesy of Skinnytaste
~to be thankful I stumbled across the Skinnytaste blog because every recipe I've made has been out of this world and very WW Points friendly
~to be upset that I didn't take advantage of Free Slurpee Day (only one of my most favorite days of the year)
~to be planning a trip to Starbucks to try out their new Refreshers drinks
~to be thinking about dressing the kiddos up like cows for Chick-Fil-A Cow Appreciation Day (and free food)
~to realize that this whole post is pretty much about food (tells you where my head is today)

~to be overly proud of myself for building Noah's Lego sets without any calls to the Hubs
~to secretly be enjoying this week off from work, even if it meant using up all my PTO just to stay home with my kids
~to be thankful that my kids were able to spend time with my Grandma yesterday.  I really hope it gave her some happy memories while she's still figuring out life without my Grandpa



  1. Totally planning on Starbucks refreshers!

    How did I miss the news on your grandpa? I'm so sorry friend, I feel terrible. I'm here if you need to chat. Love you!

  2. That is my true test of friendship for my friends. If they stick around after a lunch date with my kids then they are true friends LOL

  3. Sounds like a great week off :-)

  4. I discovered Skinnytaste about a month ago and LOVE their recipes too! I'm on Weight Watchers right now, and they've found a way to make healthy food delicious (no easy feat). ALSO, I left you a little somethin' somethin' on my blog. Check it out!

  5. I definetly need to check out that Skinnytaste blog because I have been looking for WW recipes! I stopped doing WW a few months ago and am so mad at myself for it! So, i'm still searching for low point meals for me & my hubby! So glad I stumbled across your blog now!! If you have any good dishes, send them my way :)

  6. I love SinnyTaste! I haven't tried anything new from there in a long time, but I've liked everything I have tried!