Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's OK

Happy Thursday and Happy belated Fourth of July!  Hope everyone had a very happy, fun, and safe Independence Day!  We spent the day hanging out with our friends and watching fireworks!  I think it's only fair to continue the celebration with a little "It's OK Thursday!"

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK......
~to be stoked that I'm in first place again this week in our Fantasy Baseball league!
~to be thoroughly annoyed at how the Rays have been playing as of late (Hello....I'd like to be back on top of the AL East...thanks)
~to love my new Tory's!!!!
~to be slightly excited that I won an amazing giveaway last week!!!  Can't wait to share all of my goodies with you!!
~to be stalking Erin Condren to see when my Life Planner moves out of the "pending" status
~to be excited to see Brave this weekend, along with an afternoon movie date with the Hubs to see Ted
~to be overly anxious about leaving the kiddos with a babysitter for the first time when the Hubs and I see Ted on Sunday
~to have had the best time with my clinic gals on Friday night for drinks and Magic Mike
~to be in serious need for some girl time....yes I'm talking to you Becca!!!!
~to be excited for PWAT with the Tampa Bay Blogger Gals!!!
~to be sad that we bought Em her first backpack and lunch box for school....why are my kids so grown up?
~to feel so blessed by all the love that is in my life


  1. I love my ECplanner! It has my whole life in it!

  2. I'm waiting on my EC planner, too! I NEED IT NOW! :)

  3. You'll LOVE PWAT. It was so fun and so easy. I don't think I'm going to be able to come (money and timing), but it'll be great. Once the wedding is over I'll have more time to come to the meetups! There have been so many lately and i'm loving it. Congrats on the fantasy baseball. I play fantasy football so I know how important it is!

  4. How did you like Magic Mike? I could so use a girls' night for that movie!!!