Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Painting with a Twist

I can't believe I haven't posted on this yet.  I'm such a slacker.  Oh well....late's better than never.  So Nichole was awesome enough to plan a great Tampa Bay Blogger Gals meetup at Painting with a Twist in Tampa.  I know there have been plenty of posts about my experiences there but I can't begin to tell you how much I love that place.  Art has a special place in my heart.  It's always been a special hobby of mine, even if I've really slacked on it since getting married.  But there's something magical about creating something with your own hands.

So I headed over the bridge to Tampa to meet up with these lovely ladies.  Let me just tell you....these girls love their wine!  And to make it even better, Publix had BOGO wine that week (which I did not take advantage of...sad face) so bottles were being popped left and right.  After mingling for a few minutes, we took our seats and started our painting "Summer Coolness."  I will say that this was a painting that I knew I wouldn't have a place for in the house but I can't pass up a night at PWAT!  So we got started putting paint on our canvases.
Here comes the hard part.  For some reason I was incapable of drawing a martini glass.  My other glasses looked ok. But the martini glass was a doozy for me.  It ended up looking crazy so I turned it into a margarita glass, which is more appropriate for me and my love of tequila {side note....today (7/24) is National Tequila Day!!!}  I was so much happier with the margarita glass and the perfect green/yellow color that I came up with!
At this point, I was really hating my picture.  I was trying to figure out who I could pawn it off on.  But as more detail was put on the canvas, the more acceptable it became.
A little garnish and some dimension goes a long way.  Then we added touches of "glare" to our glasses and they really started to look like there was some depth to each one.  And I actually started to like my painting (but still didn't have a place to put it in the house)
The more this painting sat on my kitchen counter, the more I fell in love with it.  It is a fun painting that would go great in a bar area or something along those lines (which we don't have).  I almost decided not to part with it but my brother said he'd take it for his apartment.  Now I have JC originals in my house, at my parents house, and now my brother's apartment.  Now I have a grandma who's requesting a painting, another brother who is painting-less, and then the Hubs's side of the fam.

More than a chance to take home a fun masterpiece, it was awesome to hang out with the great group of girls I've met around town through blogging.  These girls understand the craziness of the blog world and embrace it.  They're also fun, crazy, and I'm so thankful to have met them.
I've even roped in the Hubs to do a "Date Night" PWAT!  This will be hanging on our living room wall in the near future:
With the initials JC and JT of course!!!!
If you've never done something like this, you definitely should!  Grab your sisters, mothers, girlfriends, and a bottle of wine and start painting!!!


  1. I loved your 'rita glass! I think yours turned out WAY better than mine, lol. I am so bummed we can't do the tree/couple one! I hope they do it again soon (we have Rays tix that night)

  2. Had such a great time too, loved your painting!

  3. I spy JLO Bug!! :) and your painting looks great! I love the art class that they have here! It's so much fun!

  4. That sounds like a great outing! I just found the tampa blogger gals! I'm excited to meet up with you all next time. love the painting!

    Barknknit Blog

  5. This sounds so super fun! I'm going to have to look into it and see if I can find something similar up here and try to talk someone into going with me, haha! I would totally love this! And your painting is awesome. I'd like to see more JC originals, please!