Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Social

I've been on a little impromptu vacay this week (ok let's be real...I had to use my all my PTO because we didn't have any babysitters for the kiddos this week), so why not talk about vacations in this week's Sunday Social?!?  I'm really liking this link up because I'm finding new blogs but it also has great topics.  Keep it up girls!!!

Sunday Social

Best trip you've ever been on: This one is a toss up between our honeymoon and our 5yr anniversary trip.  We went to Breckenridge, CO for our honeymoon (I'd never seen snow before that trip) and we went to NYC last August for a belated anniversary trip.  Both trips were absolutely amazing!  Breckenridge because it was our honeymoon and NYC, well, because it's NYC!!!!
Our Honeymoon in Breckenridge (January 2006)
5th Anniversary trip to NYC (August 2011)...ironically the Hubs is in Gator gear in both pics
Best idea for a girls weekend trip: When I think of girls weekends I always think of the beach for some reason.  I don't know if that's because we always spent any free moment we had at the beach.  I just love the idea of being on the beach, soaking in the sun, fruity drinks in hand, surrounded by my girlfriends.

Best idea for a couples trip: With running the risk of sounding completely sappy, I think anywhere you can go where it's just you and your love is the best trip.  Since the Hubs and I were blessed with Noah so quickly into our marriage (Noah was born 5 days after our 1st anniversary), we haven't been on many couples trips. So any time we can spend just the 2 of us is awesome.  We're weirdos and love to spend time at Disney, just the 2 of us.  But I also long for the days where we can pick up and go wherever our hearts desire together (like every MLB stadium...hint hint).
Our 6th Anniversary trip to Disney
Best vacation on the cheap: If anyone has any ideas, please send them my way.  It's hard to do anything with 2 small kiddos on the cheap.  

Place you most want to visit:  Hands down....Greece.  Ironically enough I'm talking about this very dream next week in a guest post!!!  You'll have to stop by and check it out!!!
So amazing!!!!
Vacation/Travel necessities: I cannot go anywhere without my camera.  I love documenting life.  If I don't have my big camera, I usually have another point and shoot that will fit in my back pocket or I have my phone (and my brand new one has a flash excited!!!)  I also can't go anywhere without a particular blanket.  When I was younger, I always loved going to my grandparents house because I loved this one blanket.  When I moved to college, my grandma gave me the blanket.  I can't go anywhere without it now.  



  1. I'd love to go to CO and NYC! I've been like nowhere?! LOL And Greece is on my list for exotic places. Hopefully one day, soon!

  2. Beach trips are the best trips!

  3. Greece is my dream too!

    come say hello at

    have a wonderful day!

  4. New follower...I agree Beach Trips

  5. Just stumbled across your blog from the Sunday linkup (I also love finding new blogs to read from linkups!) How exciting to see snow for the first time on your honeymoon!! I've never been to Breckinridge OR NYC! :( I also bring my camera evvvverywhere and need to document every little thing! If you ever make it to Greece, please stow me away in your suitcase because I would LOVE to go there too!!!

  6. I think you need to plan another trip to NYC! :)